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Condo Check 2018 – Condo Check can minimize the risks of owning a property and safely guide you through the process so you’re always in the know. Our document review is an invaluable service for purchasers as well as condominium boards and realtors.

Cannabis in condos is a hazy matter – And once a building is occupied, it is difficult under existing condo legislation to have it made smoke-free because more than 80 per cent of the residents need to approve such. recreationally.

Buy a house, condo or town house as your first home? – Bankrate – If you need a new roof, for example, it’s up to you to find a contractor and pay the bill. In a condo, the cost would be divided evenly among all the owners. In a condo, the cost would be.

Buying a Condo: What Property Will You Actually Own? | Nolo – If you are trying to figure out what exactly you are buying when you buy a condominium unit, or what you already own, a real estate attorney in your area can help. The attorney can get a copy of the condominium map and the CC&R’s for the condominium project, help you review them, and point out exactly what is included in the unit.

Washington condo reform gains steam amid shortage of affordable homeownership options – But people who just want to be able to buy a small, reasonably priced condo. Why aren’t more condos getting built? A big part of the reason, any developer will tell you, is Washington state’s.

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10 Things You Need to Know About a Property Before You Buy. – Homebuyers’ basics: here are 10 things you need to know a property before you buy a house. Expert advice, from a top realtor and a landscape designer.

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What You Need to Know About Buying a Condo in the. – ZipMatch – *Data is based on all condo rental listings received on ZipMatch from Jan’16 to Mar’17. Similarly, while rental demand for Ready for Occupancy (RFO) condominiums is high in traditional markets, there are a few outliers worth noting.

Will a Fancy Mall Help Sell Hudson Yards’ Pricey Apartments? – Lenane’s client ended up buying an apartment in the building. the development’s office towers, she says. “You have a lot of buyers who live in Connecticut or Long Island or New Jersey, and they.

Buying a Condo MISTAKES | 5 Things to Avoid When You Are. – Arlington VA real estate agent and realtor matt leighton talks about 5 mistakes people are making when buying a condo. Subscribe for more real estate videos – http.

Condo vs. House vs. Townhouse: Which Is Best for You. – Should I buy a house, townhouse or condo? Here are some factors to consider when deciding what kind of residence to buy: Maintenance. Are you good at home repairs, or do you.

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