if my mortgage is due on the first when is it late


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    How Does a Late Escrow Closing Impact a First Mortgage. – A late escrow doesn’t mean this date arrangement changes, but it does mean your first payment might be paid by a check from your escrow account, rather than using the automatic withdrawals. With delayed escrow closings, the mortgage due for the month is prorated.

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    Mortgage Grace Periods. If mortgage loan payments are due on the first day of the month, a payment made on the second day would technically be late. However, most mortgage lenders offer their borrowers a penalty-free grace period in which to make any late payments.

    Stupid Question Re: Feb. 28 Short Month/30 Day Late? – Question: Since February only has 28 days and my mortgage is due on the first, technically, I’d be 29 days. late if I paid it on 3/2/11. My "current" payment "is" due on 2/1/11. If I wait to pay it until 3/2/11, technically.