Heated Hair Rollers – 50 Years Old and Still Going Strong

So why are heated hair rollers so popular? Women have been using them for decades and through those decades have come well known hair styles that have been created by heated hair rollers. The Sandy Shaw look, the Cleopatra look, the bouffant to mention just a few. The best hair rollers can take a relatively flat look and give it volume without a visit to a professional salon. Mastering the art of putting the rollers into the hair can be tricky but once figured out they can produce stylish results.

Ceramic rollers offer the best results due to their ability to keep heat in the rollers for a longer period. There are cheaper alternatives such as Teflon coated or bendable soft plastic and rubber rollers, however the lifespan of these types of rollers are no where near the ceramic lifespan. Only recently it has been claimed that a set of Carmen Delux Rollers, purchased in 1971 by a UK woman, are still being used today. That is over four decades and estimates put it that the rollers may have been used over 14,600 times during their life. Russell Hobbs which now owns the Carmen brand say that the Carmen brand has an iconic history in the hair care world and are still being produced today.

Hair rollers vary in size and shape, this allows for different hair styles to be achieved. Bigger rollers give the hair style much more volume whilst shorter, thinner rollers give a curlier look whilst short, wide rollers give bigger, looser curls. Hair rollers are the healthier way to curl hair, there are chemical treatments such as a perm that can force the hair to curl, but these can damage the hair. However it is worth noting that excessive heat treatment by over use of heated hair rollers can occur, but this is very rare.

Heated hair rollers can be bought from many department stores and are ideal for adding volume and curls to your hair.

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