A couple days before the race, My husband took this picture on top of Pikes Peak. I will autograph it to you or to whoever you want for $10. It is 5x8, and part of the proceeds will go towards the Pike Peak Marathon. Please send a check or money order to:                         


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First Lady Marathoner 1959 Pikes Peak

Here's My Picture 



    It all started one day when my husband said to me "Why don't you run the Pikes Peak Marathon race to advertise the Woman's Health Studio?" I agreed not knowing what I was in for. So I ran around the College track 8 to 10 miles 3 times per week. Every Sunday we would take the 3 children and their picnic lunch, up the Barr Trail to No Name Creek. They would stay there while my husband and I went to Barr Camp to run up and back down. I ran as much as I could to train for the race. The day of the race it was my husband, myself, my daughter Kathy and one other woman, along with 15 men. The race started at 7 am and it was a very cold morning. As we ran up the first leg of the race, some of the men were having a hard time breathing. People do not think about going up in the high altitude and the impact it will have, especially being from another state. As I ran by some of the men, I said "What a beautiful day for a race!" The path was not very wide, there were sticks and rocks everywhere. I ran when it was flat or going down hill, and I walked when it was up hill. I did not carry any water or any food, we got a drink in the stream and I was wearing tennis shoes bought from the dime store. 

    When I reached the top, I waved to the people and started down. Going down was pretty easy, but I knew I had a long way to go. I remember my legs feeling numb, but I knew I had to finish the race. When I could see the finish line I pushed myself to run a little faster. There were a few people there, and they put the ribbon and metal around my neck. It was a great experience, and for all I did I felt pretty good. My family was proud and so was I. After the race for the next couple of days, I got as much rest as I could. My whole body was sore, and all of my toenails fell off from constantly jamming into my shoes going downhill.

The Big Race